Well, here I am

To me, the first post of a blog is the hardest one to make. What do I write about? How should I start this?

My passion for cooking and baking started in high school when I signed up for a home economics class. The class was split into two halves in one semester. Half the semester was spent learning how to sew and the other half was spent learning how to cook. The first year I took the class, we ended up learning to sew first. It was interesting but I was ready to get to the kitchen and cook something! By the time we finally made it to that half of the semester, I was beyond ready to cook. However, with it being the first class of three, we had to learn the basics. Then FINALLY we started to cook! I was so excited and brought the recipes home with me so I could make them for my parents. The second class we learned about international foods and the third class we learned more about desserts. That third class was my favorite of the three. I figured out my passion for baking in that class and I owe it all to Mrs. Griffin and Mrs. Tidwell. They inspired me and taught me the basics so I could continue them throughout my life.

I am now a Hotel and Restaurant Management student at Auburn University (although a majority of us think it should be renamed to Hospitality Management) and I’m getting a minor in sustainability. When I finish college in May (fingers crossed), I will take an internship and then find a job. There are many opportunities for me out there and I want to get the best experience possible learning how to effectively run a bakery so I can open my own one day. It will have sustainable fixtures such as water- and electricity-saving appliances as well as reusable dishes and silverware. I will also compost what leftovers I can and purchase as often as possible from local farmers. It is also a hope of mine to hold children’s cooking classes on the weekends to get them interested in creating food from scratch and helping local farmers. I also want to make dog treats for people who love their dog(s) as much as I love mine!

This blog is a way for me to show you my food and the steps I take to find and plan a meal, shop, and prepare the food. I hope it inspires you as much as my home economics class inspired me!Image


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