Peach Upside Down Cake

Tuesdays are great here in my hometown. Tuesdays mean farmer’s market day about ten minutes up the road at the local park. Farmers from areas around my town come here to sell their produce, jellies, and other goods such as lotion and soap.

Farmer's market goodies

Farmer’s market goodies

Today I went for the first time since it started two weeks ago and let me tell you, it gives me an exhilarating feeling. I just want to buy everything! Today I went to four different tables and bought rainbow eggs (the name given to the multiple varieties of eggs in the carton), mixed berry jelly, Chilton County peaches (which are the best peaches you can get in Alabama; I won’t start a Georgia peach v. Alabama peach argument), red potatoes, and some green beans whose name is slipping my mind right now.

My parents are currently having their kitchen and bathroom redone so I had to wait for the wallpaper stripping workers to leave before I could get into the kitchen to actually make anything. By the time I was able to get in the kitchen, I had to clean the counters off, wash the peaches, get everything out, and find the recipe. Needless to say it took me a good 30 minutes to get that done.

Finally I was able to start making this amazing looking peach upside down cake I found on Pinterest a couple of months ago before peaches were in season. I mean, look at this recipe and those pictures! If your mouth isn’t watering, you should probably go get your salivary glands checked out.

First off, I was beyond unorganized when I started making this cake. I started melting the butter before I had even gotten out the brown sugar and I started melting those before I even got the peaches cut up. While trying to cut peaches, I let the brown sugar and butter caramelize a little too long and it started to smell like it was turning into a caramel. I laid out the peaches then made the batter for the cake and put it in the oven. Oh my gosh, the house smelled amaaaaazing! Finally the cake came out of the oven and I was able to cut a slice and dip some ice cream up. What an amazing dessert!

Beautiful color and smell

Beautiful color and smell




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