Lemon Chess Pie and a Funny Story

As a girl who loves to bake you’d think I would always have all the staple ingredients on hand, wouldn’t you? Well you’re wrong. This past week I made a meal that required two eggs. Then I spontaneously made some chocolate chip cookies which required two more eggs. Now I only buy the half-dozen cartons of eggs so I don’t waste anything. What I didn’t realize is that the pie calls for three eggs. However I didn’t notice that until I was halfway through the recipe. The oven was already preheated and ready to go but I had to turn it off to run to the grocery store to buy, let me remind you, eggs.

So I get to the grocery store and think, ‘I’ll pick up some pita chips while I’m here’. While I was wandering down the chip aisle looking for pita chips I guess I forgot what I actually went to the store for. When I realized that they didn’t carry pita chips I walked over to the cooler area where they have all the dairy products, eggs, canned biscuits, etc….

And I pick up butter…

and proceed to check out.

Face, meet palm. The funny thing is that I got all the way out to the car before I realized that I had purchased the wrong thing! Oh man was I embarrassed, but what can you do but laugh? So instead of walking back in to get a carton of eggs I instead went to another store to buy them. Turns out the other store I went to only sells them by the dozen. At least I’ll be better prepared next time I have to bake, right?!

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