My Favorite Coffee Shop… So Far

I have a love-love relationship with coffee. I love it and it loves me. We’ve been best friends for quite a few years now and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


My favorite coffee shop that I discovered a few years back is called The Overall Company. It’s located in downtown Opelika, Alabama, which was convenient for me as an Auburn student. The drive there from my apartment was around 20 minutes or so, but it was always worth it. I loved going there to study and have a cup of coffee, but I loved introducing my friends to it even more. More often than not they also fell in love with Overall Company.


This beautiful establishment has some of the nicest baristas I’ve encountered – nice without a corporate company making them act that way – and I haven’t had a cup of coffee that I didn’t enjoy. Overall Company also helps people in the community by selling handmade furniture, art, and other goods such as homemade candles and beard oils (I know it seems strange, but Overall Company is kind of a hipster place).


The reason that Overall Company has become my favorite coffee shop is because of the variety they offer. It’s a coffee shop, a bakery, a sandwich shop, and an artisan popsicle shop. Their Pop Factory opened about a year and a half ago and they make a variety of flavors from scratch using fresh fruit and local organic dairy products.


The upstairs is called The Color Room and its white paneled walls host various artists throughout the year. I’m always astounded at the amount of talented artists there are out there. Outside is a balcony that overlooks an old overall manufacturing company, hence the name Overall Company. Here you can see some sculptures in the background, which was one of the exhibits held while I was still in college.


To top it all off, downtown Opelika is a gorgeous area to walk around – especially at night. There are a lot of little shops to browse and some delicious restaurants to eat at. If you’re ever in Alabama and want a good cup of coffee, I highly recommend you check them out. If that’s not an option, check them out at



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