Tofu Woes

In an effort to try to eat healthier (I’ve been on a baking kick lately, which doesn’t help), I decided to look for vegetarian/vegan recipes to try. I have many, many, cookbooks to peruse and found a fried tofu stir fry recipe in my KitchenAid cookbook. It sounded easy enough and pretty tasty… except for the tofu. But, not being one to diss something before trying it at least once, I bought a package of firm tofu and prepared it as instructed: soak for a few minutes in soy sauce, coat in a flour, salt, and pepper mixture, then fry for a minute in vegetable oil.

First, tofu has a really weird, gross texture to it. That should’ve been my first clue how my meal would turn out. Second, I almost caused my fire alarm to go off with all of the smoke coming from frying the tofu (I know, the heat was turned up too high). Third, it made my apartment smell TERRIBLE!

Anyway, I prepared everything as instructed and put a few tofu cubes on top of my stir fried vegetables with some sauce. The first bite of tofu wasn’t too bad until after I swallowed it and felt my stomach start to churn. So I ate some more vegetables and tried another piece. The texture was too much to handle and I ended up throwing the tofu out. Maybe one day I will eat a piece of tofu that is prepared so well it’ll erase this memory, but for now, tofu isn’t anywhere on my “to try” list.

Do y’all have any food stories similar to that? Shoot me a comment!


3 thoughts on “Tofu Woes

  1. Try draining and pressing the excess water out of it first- then lightly season and bake it in the oven. Add it to prepared soups, stir fries, rice dishes etc. We find the texture and taste is much more enjoyable this way. 🙂

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