Spicing Things Up!

One of my favorite sayings, because it’s almost always applicable to me, is “cold hands, warm heart”. What’s a better way to warm your hands up than a hot cup of tea in the winter?!

I absolutely fell in love with my Aunt Cynthia’s hot spiced tea a few years ago. This is her mom’s recipe and, although we aren’t actually related – she was one of mom’s roommates from college and is practically family to me – I adore that family.

This tea is a perfect blend of spicy and sweet. This recipe can be tweaked to your personal preferences whether you want it more tangy or sweet. First I will list the ingredients for a single cup, which can be either one large mug or two small mugs of tea, and below that I will list the original recipe, which can be served to up to four people depending on how much you drink.

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Juices Galore

Juicing was a very new concept to me a year ago. I had heard of it but didn’t actually know what it meant or why it was so good. Last November I started working at Earth Fare where I first encountered the famed juicer… and I immediately fell in love. There was just something so fun about watching fruits and vegetables get pulverized to turn into a beautiful, tasty juice.

At the end of November I went on my first Black Friday shopping trip with my friend Taylor. I never imagined myself getting so excited about fighting crowds to buy merchandise at discounted prices, but sure enough I scoured ads in the newspaper to find anything I might need or want. There was a Kohl’s pamphlet in the paper that had a Jack LaLanne juicer on sale with an additional mail-in rebate. Great deal, right? I definitely thought so which led me to buying it.

Juices are a fun and easy way to get the nutrients of multiple fruits and/or vegetables at once. For the past two weeks I have been having a juice in the morning before I go to summer classes and I love it! The juices I made are Fruit Punch with a Twist, Beginner Green, and Wake Up Wowser. The following ingredients are everything you will need for all three juices. As I explain more about the juices, I will list individual recipes.

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Mint Green Tea

I will be the first to admit that the best thing about Sonic is their happy hour. Recently they’ve added green tea to their menu with different flavors you can add in. One of them is mint and as soon as I saw that on their menu, I immediately ordered a mint green tea. It was amazing!

The only problem is that I can’t afford to constantly drive to a Sonic during their happy hour (or any other time) just to get a mint green tea. I looked online for a mint simple syrup recipe to mix in with some fresh-brewed green tea. The recipe I finally found that I thought would work came from none other than Food Network.

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