Quick and Easy Fruit Dip

There are many wonderful things about Spring arriving – flowers and trees blooming, warmer weather, rainy days that are perfect for getting cozy on the couch with a book and a cup of coffee – but what I really love is having more fresh fruits and vegetables available. Sometimes I don’t want to eat fruit by itself and would prefer a dip. That’s where this recipe comes in handy! Four ingredients and a few minutes later, you have a healthy and tasty dip for all of your fruit dipping needs.

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It’s Been a While!

Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve written a post, hasn’t it?! A lot has happened since Christmas. I finished my last semester of classes at Auburn then moved to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina at the beginning of May for an internship and have been here since.

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Lemon Chess Pie and a Funny Story

As a girl who loves to bake you’d think I would always have all the staple ingredients on hand, wouldn’t you? Well you’re wrong. This past week I made a meal that required two eggs. Then I spontaneously made some chocolate chip cookies which required two more eggs. Now I only buy the half-dozen cartons of eggs so I don’t waste anything. What I didn’t realize is that the pie calls for three eggs. However I didn’t notice that until I was halfway through the recipe. The oven was already preheated and ready to go but I had to turn it off to run to the grocery store to buy, let me remind you, eggs.

So I get to the grocery store and think, ‘I’ll pick up some pita chips while I’m here’. While I was wandering down the chip aisle looking for pita chips I guess I forgot what I actually went to the store for. When I realized that they didn’t carry pita chips I walked over to the cooler area where they have all the dairy products, eggs, canned biscuits, etc….

And I pick up butter…

and proceed to check out.

Face, meet palm. The funny thing is that I got all the way out to the car before I realized that I had purchased the wrong thing! Oh man was I embarrassed, but what can you do but laugh? So instead of walking back in to get a carton of eggs I instead went to another store to buy them. Turns out the other store I went to only sells them by the dozen. At least I’ll be better prepared next time I have to bake, right?!

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Juices Galore

Juicing was a very new concept to me a year ago. I had heard of it but didn’t actually know what it meant or why it was so good. Last November I started working at Earth Fare where I first encountered the famed juicer… and I immediately fell in love. There was just something so fun about watching fruits and vegetables get pulverized to turn into a beautiful, tasty juice.

At the end of November I went on my first Black Friday shopping trip with my friend Taylor. I never imagined myself getting so excited about fighting crowds to buy merchandise at discounted prices, but sure enough I scoured ads in the newspaper to find anything I might need or want. There was a Kohl’s pamphlet in the paper that had a Jack LaLanne juicer on sale with an additional mail-in rebate. Great deal, right? I definitely thought so which led me to buying it.

Juices are a fun and easy way to get the nutrients of multiple fruits and/or vegetables at once. For the past two weeks I have been having a juice in the morning before I go to summer classes and I love it! The juices I made are Fruit Punch with a Twist, Beginner Green, and Wake Up Wowser. The following ingredients are everything you will need for all three juices. As I explain more about the juices, I will list individual recipes.

photo 2


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Mint Green Tea

I will be the first to admit that the best thing about Sonic is their happy hour. Recently they’ve added green tea to their menu with different flavors you can add in. One of them is mint and as soon as I saw that on their menu, I immediately ordered a mint green tea. It was¬†amazing!

The only problem is that I can’t afford to constantly drive to a Sonic during their happy hour (or any other time) just to get a mint green tea. I looked online for a mint simple syrup recipe to mix in with some fresh-brewed green tea. The recipe I finally found that I thought would work came from none other than Food Network.

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