Tofu Woes

In an effort to try to eat healthier (I’ve been on a baking kick lately, which doesn’t help), I decided to look for vegetarian/vegan recipes to try. I have many, many, cookbooks to peruse and found a fried tofu stir fry recipe in my KitchenAid cookbook. It sounded easy enough and pretty tasty… except for the tofu. But, not being one to diss something before trying it at least once, I bought a package of firm tofu and prepared it as instructed: soak for a few minutes in soy sauce, coat in a flour, salt, and pepper mixture, then fry for a minute in vegetable oil.

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A Gift to Make a Winning Combination

My dad came to visit me for the long weekend and brought me a surprise from his boss: two bags of pecans! He suggested I make a pecan pie with them, so I decided to look through my Mrs. Rowe’s Book of Southern Pies to find a good pecan pie recipe. The one I found is Pecan Fudge and it is amazing!

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Packing on the Pounds

Pound cake that is.

Yesterday I was reading a book called A Place at the Table by Susan Rebecca White when one of the main character’s grandmother made a pound cake. Reading about it got me craving one, so I figured I would find a recipe in one of my many cookbooks and make my own. The first place I looked was my grandmother’s cookbook. Lo and behold, I found a recipe for pound cake!

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Oh, She Glows

Oh She Glows by Angela Liddon is the first ever vegan cookbook I’ve bought. Well, the first vegan cookbook that has recipes for anything besides cupcakes and frosting in it. The recipes look and sound amazing and I have been very satisfied with the recipes that I’ve made. Tonight I decided to make chana masala and, as the title states, it is quick and easy. I changed some things in the recipe for my own personal taste preferences because I don’t like really spicy food, so the recipe below is modified from the book.

Here are the ingredients:


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Spicing Things Up!

One of my favorite sayings, because it’s almost always applicable to me, is “cold hands, warm heart”. What’s a better way to warm your hands up than a hot cup of tea in the winter?!

I absolutely fell in love with my Aunt Cynthia’s hot spiced tea a few years ago. This is her mom’s recipe and, although we aren’t actually related – she was one of mom’s roommates from college and is practically family to me – I adore that family.

This tea is a perfect blend of spicy and sweet. This recipe can be tweaked to your personal preferences whether you want it more tangy or sweet. First I will list the ingredients for a single cup, which can be either one large mug or two small mugs of tea, and below that I will list the original recipe, which can be served to up to four people depending on how much you drink.

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Throwback Thursday

First off, Merry Christmas!

Second, can I say how much I miss the beautiful warm weather I experienced while I was in the Bahamas?! I went on a study abroad trip in May 2013 to learn about different types of tourism. Let me tell you, it was a tough trip (wink, wink) and I loved every single minute of it. The great thing about the hospitality industry is that there is such a large variety of careers within the industry as well as numerous places in the world to work.


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It’s a Learning Process

The great part about baking is learning what you can and can’t use in recipes. Cooking is fairly easy – you can throw ingredients together and don’t really have to worry about using precise amounts of any given ingredient. Baking is tricky, though. If you use too much or too little of an ingredient, it can ruin the whole batch.

I wanted to make peanut blossoms to go with the rest of the desserts I made for our neighbors. Let’s face it, being on a baking kick and having no one to give your treats to isn’t any fun and leads to stomach aches and regret… or is that just me?

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